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The Virtual Art Academy
07 November 2011
Reviewer: Michael from UK

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I am an intermediate painter and had taught myself until two years ago, when I decided to obtain formal tuition part-time at a studio.

However as this was a group class (for life and still-life drawing and oil painting), the tuition was necessarily limited although of high quality.

I decided then that a home-study course would be useful in addition to the studio. I chose the Virtual Art Academy for several reasons: the quality of the lessons, the number of exercises (250 or so), the online campus and because I like the author's (Barry John Raybould) paintings.

Although I had read some 80 books on how-to topics, this course includes topics that I had not come across before.

I can say that I am enjoying the course very much indeed: learning the material, doing the assignments, as well as benefiting from the camaraderie and critiques of other students online.

The full course of 56 units including 250 assignments costs USD $499.95. This is a lot of money in absolute terms but I have no regrets of having spent the money! I realise too that it is difficult to make a comparison with other courses because of their differing content and material provided.

While any course will always have room for improvement, I can say that for this course, the potential improvements that I see do not detract from the great value of the course as it stands now.

In summary, I would recommend The Virtual Art Academy to a friend.

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