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Category: Teach Yourself Painting Guides (AKA Painting Courses)
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A Real Art Lesson Review

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A Real Art Lesson is an internet selling success in this category.  The e-book by artist Delmus Phelps contains tips and secrets on how to paint realistic oil paintings.  Using simple step-by-step instructions, the course takes you through the techniques needed to create dazzling images.  Oil paints can be difficult to get right, but their advantage is their use in replicating the minute detail of light, shade, movement and color.  This course takes you through the process so that you can make your own masterpieces.

The e-book uses high quality color images to show the steps needed to get the effect you want.  There are plenty of images on the website to show the kind of results you will be working towards and they do look pretty impressive.  The artist has an online community to help people share their learning experiences and also provide them with teaching support. This helps to make this an easy first choice for beginner and intermediate artists alike because of its great value for money. 

Because it is available for download, it is easy to get hold of, cheaper to produce and so is a popular choice over a traditional book.  Phelps claims to have had 30 years' experience as a painter and earns his living as such.  The e-book shares his tricks of the trade with other artists so that they can learn how to capture light with oils in this distinctive realistic style.  Realism is not for every artist, but once you have mastered the oil technique detailed in the book, you can move on to develop your own style with a better knowledge about replicating the world you see around you.  Most of his subjects are still life, which is easiest because it is static, but you can see how drama and energy can be conveyed even here.

This highly technical guide contains a thoroughly comprehensive range of techniques and information, beginning with the importance of selecting the right materials.  The idea is not just to teach you how to paint, but how to paint well with the advantage of the experience of a good teacher.  The 140 pages of PDF include 225 good quality photos, many of which form part of step-by-step guides to certain techniques and effects, or material preparation.   Phelps teaches oil painting as a process which is why it is so simple to achieve good results with little or no previous painting experience.  As long as you follow the steps you will reach the desired effect.  Whilst he claims that no drawing experience is needed, you will be supplied with a bonus e-book on drawing human anatomy as a great reference guide.  Also included is another e-book about composition.  The author explains that composition is more important in creating an artistic effect than accurate drawing.

This package of information, instruction, illustration and online support is well worth the $17.90, and will provide hours of fun learning how to paint in oils.  There is an instructional DVD which may be purchased for $39.97 including shipping, with a free copy of the e-book included.

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