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The Virtual Art Academy
03 November 2011
Reviewer: Nancy from Mauritania

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Being in an isolated location, and wanting to learn how to paint properly after I retired, I bought the VAA course and have been working on it on my own. It is very practical, easy, and complete, and includes lots and lots of assignments.
It is not a step-by step guide telling you e.g. to mix burnt sienna and cobalt blue to make a shadow, as some books do, but rather a very comprehensive and generous compendium of the knowledge collected by BRJ about composition, colour, technique, and all that goes on inside the brain in relation to painting.
Meanwhile I attended two workshops with Barry J. Raybould. I feel that in a short time I have made enormous progress, both in understanding about art and in actual painting.

In addition to the course, there is a VAA website, where several hundred members around the world share experiences, critiques, tips, advice and cheer.
I warmly recommend this course for anyone capable of the self-discipline needed to do the assignments and assimilate all the lessons.

In summary, I would recommend The Virtual Art Academy to a friend.

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