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The Virtual Art Academy
03 November 2011
Reviewer: Manushalini Nandwani from India

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Hi Everyone

I am a current student of VAA & have been around for about 8 months. What i liked about VAA is the genuineness of their teaching approach. The entire study program has given me a complete insight into what is the science of art. I had been searching for a long time to get a complete foundation, which the art workshops i had been going to failed completely to deliver. Most of these workshops are just for earning money with no benefits for the students. You end up spending a lot for nothing.

After joining VAA I was surprised & happy to find that there are individuals who are selfless in their impart of knowledge & with genuine concern for spreading the knowledge they have. Barry John Raybould has given a gift to people such as me who do not have access to such exposure.

I liked watching the videos of demonstration for important topics that dissect Old Masters painting & defines why their art is great in a simple & easily understandable way. My hope that is that Barry John would provide further demos of actual painting so we could get a first hand feel of how the artist tackles the subject which could further pace up my painting skills.

Also, the students vary a lot in their skill levels because of different level of previous exposures. To bring them to a common ground is a very difficult task. My suggestion is an evaluation of how a assignment has been tackled over a week with the good & could do better, could guide the student in the areas he/she needs to work on. Also separate platform for beginners, intermediate & the more experienced could give the beginner better confidence to improve as its not possible for them to compete with the more trained artist, & due to which i think beginners shy from actively participating in the academy. I too think that they need to find their voice & support should be given in that direction. As Art is the inner perception of the world by a person & by learning the techniques to make it a physical representation the artist feels complete & ready to evolve.

In summary, I would recommend The Virtual Art Academy to a friend.

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